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"CUTTING TOOLS 2015" Ltd. was founded at the end of 2015 year. The company is assignee on ET "GIP - Plamen Nedkov", which has more than twenty years of experience in producing and selling of all kinds metal cutting tools.

Priority in our production are: wide spectre from broaching tools, different by kind gear hobs (worm-gear hobs, disk gear generating wheels, cup-like gear generating ), also thread-cutting tool, countersinks, reamers and more.

We offer to our clients also turning, milling and grinding services.

Our leading customers in Bulgaria are companies like: "Garant" JSC - Byala Slatina, "MODUL" PLC - Biala, "Balkansko Echo" Ltd. - Kravenik, "ELMOT" JSC - Sofia, "Podemcrane" JSC - Gabrovo, "PODEM GABROVO" Ltd. - Gabrovo, "Skladova Tehnika" JSC - Gorna Oryahovitsa and many others.

On the international market we sell our tools to customers from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Spain and others.

We offer good quality of produced by us the tools and services at low prices.

Our production base is located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.